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Try and return? Yes. Try, wear and return? No!
Dishonesty is not the norm. Prevent false returns.
Save your costs with our patented security seals.

secure your eshop secureyoureshop.com patented security seals for e-shop

More about our security seal .

Is a returned item that customer has worn for a certain period of time your problem? If the answer is yes, we have a solution for you – SecureYourEshop. Use the security seal. The customer comfortably tries the product and if it fits, he/she removes the seal and uses the product.

However, if customer intends to behave unfairly and wear or commonly use the goods for some time, it will be very difficult with our visible security feature…and he/she will not like it.

Honest customers need not to worry and it will not limit them in any way.

Save your costs for:




How the security seal works .

Please include information on the use of the security seal in the general terms and conditions. Specify exactly how to proceed with the removal of the seal:


Unpack the goods, test it (the seal does not prevent standard test of the goods)


If the goods is satisfactory, remove the seal (removal of the seal does not entitle the goods to be refunded)


If the goods does not suit, I return it to the supplier with the seal intact

Security seal implementation .

The technical implementation of the seal is most appropriate during the initial packaging of the goods, after the production. Sealing in distribution centres is only suitable for returned goods.

Each security seal contains a unique combination of logo and number. The marking can be used to uniquely identify the link between a specific order and the security feature. Our security seals are protected by industrial utility models within the EU, counterfeiting is considered as a criminal offence.

We strongly recommend to add an informative label to your seal to definitely inform the customer about the trade terms.

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